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    So who’s facilitating now?

    With social media tools increasingly available in the workplace, progressive organisations are moving toward collaborative learning models. Does it work? And what’s the role of the facilitator in collaborative training? Find out here.

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    Write your own Social Media Policy

    Enrol now in our popular Social Media Policy workshop. With expert advice you’ll draft a policy for use in your business or organization.

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    First time presenting?

    Your manager wants you to ‘pull together a course’. Ok, you’ll manage, one way or the other, but you’ve never done it before. Here are 10 tips from experienced trainers and presenters that will help.

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    Solid foundations

    Write effective learning objectives and the rest will be easy! In this free video tutorial Jonathan Peck explains common traps with learning objectives, and how taking the time to craft them properly can save you a lot of time.

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    Training Gripe (‘Tripe’) survey

    What would you say were the five most common gripes people have with corporate training?
    Complete our 1-minute ‘Tripe’ survey and tell us.

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    The future of learning is social

    According to a recent UK study, social media is changing our tastes for training; we want training on demand, integrated with the day to day, in bite-sized chunks, and we want to learn through collaboration. Jane Hart from the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies outlines how social media is changing our training appetite.