About Kognitif


Jonathan Peck“Hi, I’m Jonathan Peck, Director of Kognitif Coaching.”

I’ve been designing and developing training for corporate clients since 1993, and supplying teams of experienced instructional designers and trainers to my clients since 1997.

The company has gone from strength to strength, emerging from a one-man operation to a small consulting firm with a collective reputation for quality and value. We now comprise a network of 15 consultants, most of whom I have known for more than 10 years.”

We’ve worked in a wide range of industries and developed all kinds of training materials – reference-based, competency-based, self-paced, classroom-based, e-learning.  We’ve also presented dozens of courses, either in-house or for the public.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Over the years we’ve witnessed massive change in the training industry. For starters, we’ve seen training technology evolve from classroom lectures presented with overhead transparencies to self-paced e-learning modules, to the collaborative ‘blended learning’ training options available today.

Corporate training is almost always a balance between learning needs and training resources; companies and organisations aim for the most effective training they can achieve within limited budgets. In recent years globalization has seen the core functions of many Learning Services departments ‘off-shored’, allowing the bulk of training to be developed by service providers.

This arrangement leaves line managers, team leaders and staff responsible for developing local, specific,supplementary or ‘just in time’ training. All too often, these people are asked to throw something together in a hurry. Quite often they’ve had no experience in instructional design.

And that’s initially who this site is for; people who need help to pull together a training session quickly.

Meet the facilitators

I’ve got together with the best facilitators I know and developed a range of Train the Trainer sessions. Each of the facilitators is well-known in their specialty and has their own business. Each is working with me to create a series of programs that are distinctive, innovative, effective and engaging.

Facilitators for About Us

You can check each of the Train the Trainer courses by clicking on Public Programs or click here. Or download one of our masterclass modules – each is designed to cover a specific training skill. Over time, we will continue to build this site into an invaluable reference for instructional designers. We will add further masterclass modules on:

  • Defining learning objectives
  • Selecting the right media for your training
  • Assessing Return on Investment from training
  • … and many others.

We will also be adding modules for Communication Managers, Site Managers and Business analysts, such as

  • Cleaning up your Intranet
  • Writing Well for the Web
  • Writing Effective Business Requirements

So, sign up for the newsletter, bookmark this site, and return regularly. It can become your personal link
to learning; a place where you can find support and ideas.

And visit our Facebook page to share your own experiences or ask me to create a module or blog-tutorial that you think is needed.

You can also reach us on 1 800 907-929 or contact us.