Are your people ready for the future?

shutterstock_129083696 Training Needs AnalysisIs your company or organisation agile enough to respond to turbulent times? Current business thinking suggests you can’t be agile without a sound compact with your employees. A compact that encourages energetic networking, rewards entrepreneurship and is mutually beneficial to both the employee and the company.

Learning is central to that compact. Not necessarily learning in the traditional sense, but ‘agile learning’ where people are empowered and encouraged to experiment, iterate and learn collectively. An agile organisation needs an agile approach to training, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

That’s where we come in. We can help your company or organisation align its learning strategies with its business strategies. We’ll look at your current training strategy, analyse your curricula and programs, appraise existing courseware and analyse your learning platforms. We’ll help you identify any gaps or poor alignments between your training strategy and your business goals. We’ll identify opportunities to build the kind of agility you need in your organisation.

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