Bite-sized learning, delivered to your mobile device

Your staff are busy. They don’t have time to attend off-site training. They need practical help, on the job, no down-time.

shutterstock_78344545 FOR USEM-Learning may be your solution. What is M-Learning? Training delivered in ‘bite sized’ chunks. Delivered to mobile devices to allow easy access, anytime, anywhere. Delivered as video, animations, simulations, or simple instructions.

Examples of how it works:

• A driver collecting stock from a Distribution Centre is able to look up loading bay information and instructions on his smartphone.
• A Sales Manager about to deliver a presentation on a new product is able to refresh her product knowledge and details of the fulfillment process on her ipad on the way to see a prospective client.
• A fleet manager inspecting a returned vehicle is able to instantly find the model, make and service history of the vehicle on her mobile phone.
• A newly employed housekeeper is able to view a video demonstrating the requirements of his role in a major hotel, with minimal text and a translation service on a mobile phone, ipad, laptop or PC.

Will M-Learning work for you?

Contact us We are instructional designers who can analyse your staff’s training needs and advise on potential M-Learning options. It takes experts to design effective training for mobile devices; we can analyse your situation and see where ‘bite sized learning’ would be effective for you. Then we’ll design programs to help you achieve fantastic results.