Training Gripe (‘Tripe’) survey

What would you say were the five most common gripes people have with corporate training?
The list below represents feedback from participants in one large corporation.  Are they your top five ‘tripes’?

  1. One-size fits all. Training tries to cover multiple audience needs in the hope everyone present will hear something that they need
  2. Death-by-PowerPoint. Slides are used as a script rather than as visual or cognitive cues. All the content is presented in
    detailed slides. Presenter reads from the slides. Participant workbooks are just printouts of the
  3. Too little interaction. Not enough exercises or comprehension activities to test if the concepts are being digested and correctly interpreted by the audience
  4. Too little follow-up.  People complete evaluations at the end of training, but no attempt is made to determine if the training has been applied back in the
  5. Objectives unclear. People have to work out for themselves why the training is relevant to them.

If none of the above is your most burning training gripe, what is? Write your ‘tripe/s’ below: